Monday, September 14, 2009

Carla Sorranzi the muse of Kris Ruhs......

muse carla1 forever stylish! Always seen in black or white armour. Carla seems to enjoy downplaying fashion to accentuate these exquisite jewelry handmade by Kris Ruhs. He's an multi-media artist who's work includes painting, sculpture, holloware, jewellery & furniture design. Kris is Carla's boyfriend & business partner. Both of them owned the stylish lifestyle store "10 Corso Como" in Milan, Italy. Kris Ruhs jewelry' simply stunning! So bold and sculptural! They are perfect for Carla Sorranzi! I'm so smitten and inspired!
muse carla2


  1. this woman very familiar leh...anyway, i like the jewellery design. very structural and chunky yet feminine.

  2. She's the sister of Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia. Franca's the one who launched a all black july issue of Vogue Italia in 2008 : )